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9 March, 2023

It's quite common for business owners to manage many responsibilities. For all of them, there is one critical task that needs to be handled: payroll processing.

Payroll management is a difficult task for both large and small businesses. Many business owners try to manage payroll on their own. But they will find it difficult to manage time and attendance, payroll taxes, and worker's compensation. In the end, handling payroll on your own could cause potential problems for your business.

This is where Payroll Outsourcing Singapore comes in handy!

Payroll outsourcing reduces compliance and logistical issues and allows you to concentrate on more important and strategic operations.

What Is the Meaning of Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing is the process by which professionally trained experts ensure that your employees' payments are made accurately, on time, and efficiently. According to the survey, 80% of businesses use payroll outsourcing services to handle payroll functions. This function has now become the most outsourced process for businesses!

The payroll function involves a number of tasks:

  • It calculates pay checks and the amount an employer needs to pay.
  • Employees who are on the payroll keep the records.
  • It also calculates tax deductions.
  • It will schedule or distribute payments in a timely manner.
  • Ensure you meet government remittance deadlines.
  • Manage the employee's other inquiries related to pay.

These tasks are involved in the payroll function!

Which business prefers to outsource payroll?

The size of the company doesn't matter; all companies should follow the lengthy and multi-step payroll process. Due to some changes in government rules and regulations, it would be best if a small company put in significant time and effort.

Rather than manually processing the process, it is safer to hire a third party or automate and streamline the process with payroll software. That's why it would be best to hire an experienced outsourced payroll management company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll services will bring many benefits to your business. Below, we are mentioning some significant advantages:

  • It Saves You Time.

Payroll processing consists of three stages: pre-payroll, payroll, and post-payroll tasks. It is also true that managing all the stages of payroll is time-consuming. According to HR professionals, they spend 11 hours each week on the tasks of payroll administration. You can also go through these stages weekly, biweekly, and monthly, depending on your employee's payroll cycles.

It would be best if employers considered the time spent on managing other issues like tax reporting and filing, employee benefits, retirement fund management, worker's compensation issues, and many others. Hiring an in-house team requires a lot of time and resources, which reduces your productivity.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

Many people think that an in-house payroll team is a less expensive option, but it rarely happens. But processing payroll is quite expensive, as you would expect. All the costs add up, like the cost of hiring and paying payroll to staff, investing in hardware and software, printing and filing documents, and maintaining cloud security.

But when you hire payroll services, it will help you minimise the costly errors, fines, and penalties.

  • Focus on Your Core Business.

When you want to attract or retain skilled employees, your work culture and employee experience matter. But when you have a person to manage the time-consuming administrative tasks, it will give you valuable time so you can focus on your core business.

You can have more time to assign activities that generate value or revenue for the company. It includes customer service, marketing, sales, and many more.

  • Excellent Data Security

Security is an essential aspect of payroll management. This is a complex business function that requires secure processing of your employer's personal details. Even the most trustworthy employee is not safe.

When humans conduct the process, mistakes and failures are sure to happen. The risk of carelessness is always there, which can lead to identity theft, financial embezzlement, and tampering with significant company records. This all happens when you hire an in-house payroll team.

With the help of automated payroll software, you may be able to avoid these dangers. It ensures your crucial data is stored on secure servers. Only authorised individuals have access to the company's critical data.

  • Service Assists You in Getting Organized

When you hire an outsourced payroll service, it will help you stay organized. The service providers are dedicated to providing complete satisfaction to clients. They have an effective system to manage tasks effectively and ensure they meet deadlines.

Whichever accounting tasks you assign them, they handle them with all their time and effort. They also utilise effective software and tools to manage different data types and file information. Hiring a professional payroll service is beneficial for your business. They have the tools and experience you require to keep things organized.


Now, you understand that payroll is an essential aspect of your business. It will keep your business running smoothly. When you are doing payroll manually, it is true that you encounter many problems. These problems will directly impact your business and cause vital damage.

But outsourcing payroll brings many advantages for your business. It will ensure your business's continuity and success. Align Recruitment provides professional payroll services in Singapore to clients. First, we discuss and understand our client's requirements to develop the right plan for them.

Engage with our company to make your business finances run smoothly!