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We know how to find a suitable candidate that perfectly fits your job.

Four Benefits of Contact Staffing for Companies

Rapid Business Growth

In the business world, it is very important to have a specific plan of action to achieve your desired goals. Well, when we talk about business growth and expansion, your staff plays a key role in keeping things close to reality and making strategies that suit your conditions. Hiring permanent staff is not only a long-time commitment but also needs a lot of time investment. Our contract staffing services help you by shortening the hiring time, which your staff can use for other valuable tasks.

Specialised Skills

Another benefit of hiring Align recruitment is that we offer you a golden opportunity to hire staff with specialised skills. Thus, rest assured that you can easily leverage our contract staffing services. Understanding the impact of hiring and the needs of your business, we bridge the gap between you and the country's top talent. Besides this, our main focus remains on the provision of individuals who can understand and comprehend how your business functions and can easily relate to your organisation's overall strategy.

Save Your Time

Time is really precious to all of us. And finding the best and most skilled individuals out of this war of talent is a big task that can drain your energy, and you might end up wasting a lot of time searching for the perfect fit. With Align recruitment, we will surely give you an edge on this. Our experts ensure that you have staff in place as quickly as possible. They are clued up on the latest market trends and job requirements and use the latest technology.

Experienced Staff

We are one of the best and most renowned contract recruitment agencies here in Singapore. We give our clients early access to additional brainpower and skills. We have a full roster of experts ready to help you with contract staffing. Besides this, they also offer you pre-employment services that can be a cherry on the top. We conduct thorough assessments to ensure that you get the best-qualified individuals for the job.

Our Process of Contract Staffing.

To expand your business, you would need to hire more staff. This is because you need a good team to ensure all the tasks are completed on time and within budget. You need to be clear about the process of contract staff recruitment, or you can throw entire projects into disarray. To help you handle your business-specific needs, we have a proper contract staffing process that can assist you in hiring uniquely qualified individuals.

1. Register with Us

Contact our team via email or visit our website to create your account and be a member of the Align family.

2. Contract Staff Requirements

In the first step, you need to be clear about your requirements. Our team will ask you about your needs, the post for which you are hiring, and the number of staff you need.

3. Recruitment

Next comes the recruitment stage, in which we will supply you with the workforce that perfectly fits your needs. To find the best-qualified individuals, we conduct interviews and assessments to reduce the risk of any constraints on performance afterward.

4. Selection

We provide you with a list of skilled candidates from which you can make your selection. We will arrange a face-to-face interview session with the candidate where you can have a better group discussion.

5. Discussions

The next step in the process of discovering the perfect contract staff is discussing with the individual the requirements of the job in detail. You will be required to brief the candidate about your company's rules, regulations, responsibilities, and duties.

6. Placement

If everything goes well, sign the agreement and hire the person.

Why Choose Us?

As a top contract recruitment agency working in Singapore, we will help you find the right candidates. With years of experience in the contract recruitment industry, our experts use their diverse knowledge to offer you the best individuals, even for complex roles.

Your recruiters have worked with many top-notch business organisations and companies in Singapore. We are fairly proud to state that we excel in providing our clients with cost-effective and reliable recruitment services. From IT experts to business analysts, health care professionals, financial experts, and project managers, we have perfect candidates for all the posts.

With a vast network of contract staff ready to help you when you need it, providing you with the perfect solutions and helping your company advance towards success.

We ensure that we provide you with the best solutions to your workforce needs, increasing efficiency. Our team is experienced in identifying the best-talented individuals who have the proper know-how of the job coupled with previous experience in a similar field.