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Our Specialization

If you are a business owner or have a company of your own, you will be aware of how important it is to hire a good team. Though the process is a bit complicated and lengthy, it can pay you a lot in the long run. Don’t have enough time to carry out the extensive recruitment for employers? Well, no need to worry. That is where you can seek the help of our talent recruitment agency.

We have professionals with years of experience in attracting and retaining top talent who can help your business grow faster.

Align Recruitment Process

A Well-Versed Recruitment Strategy

Our staff recruitment process is designed in a way that helps in selecting innovative and creative people for the required jobs. Our unique recruitment process focuses on various important components we improvise before the process begins. For example, analyzing all the skills, motivation, passion, and experience of the candidate is what makes us a leading talent recruitment agency here in Singapore.

Resume Screening

Once you submit your application song with your cover letter, our team will review your application to identify the roles or jobs that fit your qualifications.

Initial Telephone Interview

If you are lucky and your profile catches our attention, we will arrange an initial telephone conversation to learn more about your skills and interests.


In order to know about your professional expertise and knowledge of the desired job, we may ask you to come and participate in an assessment.

Interview with Recruiter

In this step, you have a face-to-face conversation with the recruiter. This interview provides an opportunity to learn more about your career interests, skills, aims, educational background, potential, competencies, motivation, and experience.

Interview with the Hiring Manager

If you successfully pass the first set of interviews, then you will be invited for an interview with the hiring manager. This talk will give you a clear picture f what you can expect from the company you will work for. The hiring director will let you know about your role and the working environment of the place.

The Final Decision and Offer

After checking your references and prior work performance and behavior, we will make a final decision. We will send you an employment offer if you are a perfect fit for the job. You can also clear any of the queries that you may have.

Benefits of Working with Us

Trust and Reliability

With our specialized headhunting services, we have helped thousands of companies in their recruitment process. With an ambition to offer our clients individuals who are vibrant, energetic, and professional, we can serve as your trusted employee recruitment agency for finding key people for different careers and industries.

Tailored and Customised Services

Our customised recruitment services are designed to meet your business needs and requirements. Taking all the recruitment stress and pain away from you, our experts will also give you all the flexibility in recruitment planning.

Shortlisting Qualified Personnel.

Want to save more of your precious time? Well, our recruitment services help you save extra hours that you can spend on running your business. We conduct full background checks and make sure to offer you fully screened and trained individuals.

Updated Data Management Software

We use the updated and modern data management software that helps us accurately match the candidates to the desired job vacancies. Besides this, we also conduct preliminary interviews and tests that ensure that the person meets the standard promised on the CV.

Quick Updates

In order to keep you aware of what’s happening, we will send you all the updates on the recruitment process. If you have applied for a job, we will send you personalised job alerts and notifications whenever we have your dream job waiting for you.

Conducting Detailed Interviews

With the support of our team, you will be able to hire individuals using the best interview techniques, updated software, and solutions. Our recruiting strategy also focuses on making the client aware of the market needs inside out.

More Success Rate

At Align recruitment, we help you get the best professionals from the world’s acknowledged institutions. They will help you create a workplace environment where you can meet your goals proficiently.


Providing you with the best and the most cost-effective recruitment services while adhering to the employment laws, we are a devoted team of professionals who assist you recruit the right people.

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