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7 March, 2023

Hiring is not easy work; it's such hard work. It is also true that it's becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses. Recruiting the right people for the position takes time. This is where companies find it a real struggle because they don't have enough time to do it!

According to the statistics, 54% of businesses stated they lacked qualified candidates. It is estimated that by 2030, the number of unfilled jobs will have risen to more than 85 million. This is where tech recruitment agencies come in to help businesses.

A recruitment agency is like a middleman between companies and candidates who are looking for jobs. They have the ability to make the entire hiring process easier for businesses.

But how will they work? We have curated the best practises and approaches used by recruitment agencies to find the right candidate for their clients!

Steps Followed by the Recruitment Agency While Hiring

Identify hiring needs for ideal candidates

The first step to hiring an ideal candidate is determining the client's needs. It's important to know the client requirements for various jobs because additional workforce needs can arise at any time. This will happen for many reasons, like an increase in workload, old employees leaving, or filling the skill gap. 

So, rather than jumping into the candidate selection process, it would be best to learn everything about the job from your client.

Set a clear timeline for recruitment

One major factor that needs to be kept in mind is that the company should provide a clear timeline that helps technology staffing agencies and recruitment agencies keep operations organized. In addition, this timeline will give a clear picture of the recruitment process, including when to begin and end the hiring process.

Not only this, but it will also benefit you to gather data on many candidates, which will be required in the future.

Use of technology for better

Nowadays, technology makes things easier and simpler. Some candidates are a perfect fit on paper, but they are not able to present their skills in reality. Also, it's not possible to interview candidates in person. This is where they can make use of the virtual recruitment process. 

Sometimes, candidates cannot travel to the location for interviews, so they will lose the job opportunity. This is where technology can help you. They schedule a video interview for candidates who are not able to come. This will help them understand candidates' potential, communication, and presentation skills. Get an idea of the quality and skill level of the candidate.

Online assessments to track the right talent

Many tech recruiting firms offer online assessments to candidates in order to find the best candidate for a job. This online assessment is just a sample of what the job would be like. Some circumstances were created for the candidates to experience in the future. These circumstances are designed to assess their situational judgement or to test their abilities in order to determine whether they are qualified for the job.

Build a diverse candidate pool

Every candidate who applies for a job cannot make it. So, recruitment agencies engage with the candidates all the time. Maintaining regular communication can help you leave a positive impression on the recruitment agency. They will likely come back into the picture when a job opportunity arises.

A "talent pool" consists of a number of candidates who applied for the position but weren't selected. Having a talent pool of qualified candidates is useful for job opportunities in the future. So they don't need to start the recruitment process from scratch. This is one of the best approaches used by tech recruitment companies.

Use Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment companies rely on data to find or hire competent employees for job positions. With the proper use of technology, they collect data on candidates. Then, they will analyse the data to determine whether a candidate is suitable for the job. Data analytics helps technology staffing agencies identify and reach a wide range of qualified candidates.

Data-driven Recruitment means using the data in an effective manner, which is the key to finding the best talent. They will collect and analyse the candidate's information from various sources, like social media, previous jobs, online publications, etc. This data will help recruitment companies make the best decision. 

Hiring Procedure for a Recruitment Company

It is true that many recruitment agencies are available on the market. But they all have a similar procedure for hiring a candidate!


When companies want to engage with a recruitment agency, they will sign an agreement. This agreement involves payment terms and company terms regarding the work.


After signing an agreement, the recruitment agency will meet with the client to understand the hiring requirements. They will get a clear description of the job description to find the best candidates.


They will set up a list of potential candidates from their own database and networks. The agency will screen every individual to schedule an interview.


The agency first scheduled a candidate interview with their agency. This will help them get a better overview of the candidate and determine whether they are a good match for the company's requirements.

Negotiation and Extension

When a company selects a candidate, the recruitment agency will handle offer and compensation negotiations with the candidates.


Once the candidate accepts the offer, the recruitment agency will assist your company with the onboarding process.


Now, you are aware of the recruitment process of a recruitment agency. But it's time to work with a reliable staffing agency for better outcomes. Align Recruitment is a well-known IT recruitment agency in Singapore that helps a number of clients with their services. We work on developing the best approach, technology, and professionally designed recruitment process to help businesses achieve their IT goals.

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