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Features of Logistic Recruitments by Align Recruitment.

  • As a specialist in logistics recruitment, we have helped businesses successfully hire logistics professionals, thus filling your vacancies quickly. 
  • We help you hire professionals in the logistics department on an interim as well as a permanent basis.
  • With years of experience in the field, utilising our current market knowledge, we help you hire high-caliber candidates that meet all your objectives and requirements.

So whether you are struggling to find the right logistic job or are waiting to fill the vacant post in your company, we are here to help you solve the issue. With a dedicated team of consultants, we will help you design a hiring process that is easy and stress-free.

3 Benefits of Working with Align Recruitment

Talented Team

The development of the logistics industry over recent years has led to an increase in the demand for staff. To help you with proper management and organisation, we provide you talented workforce.

Quality Services

We at Align recruitment strive hard to offer you the services you are paying for. Our diligent team works closely with the clients and tries its best to bridge the gap between recruiters and employees. We provide you with a room where you can discuss all your requirements with us without any hesitation.

Timely Services

With our professionals who are experts in the field of recruitment, you can experience all the services delivered to you on time, without any delays. We strongly believe the success of any company is governed by punctuality. Keeping the same in mind during the hiring process, we ensure that the selected candidate renders you quality services without missing deadlines.


3-4 Reviews/Testimonials of the Clients About Align Logistics Recruitment.

Client 1

We are really satisfied and overwhelmed with the quality of service that Align recruitment provides. The process of recruiting our logistics team with them was quite smooth and hassle-free. They have professionals who invest their time and energy in understanding the needs and requirements of our business. They rendered full attention to the hiring process, followed by daily updates on the progress.

Client 2

Unlike any other logistics recruitment agency, the team at Align recruitment is an experience to work with. It is for the second time that we have availed of their recruitment service, and the experience was indeed even better than before. Their staff works as a team and makes sure that the recruitment is a big success. The real experience of the recruiters in the logistics industry helped us find the perfect candidate for our business.

Client 3

When we Align recruitment after getting a recommendation, we were pleased with the professionalism and punctuality of the staff. They provided us with a whole list of shortlisted candidates within the desired time frame. Also, we are thankful for their timely assistance in organising and holding interviews with the individuals. The experience indeed was above and beyond our expectations.

Client 4

Align logistic recruitment agency actually portrayed high professionalism, support, honesty, and understanding throughout the time we worked with them. They provided us with many quality candidates who matched our requirements. They clearly have the best recruiters who can efficiently source the best profiles for you in no time. They accompanied us through the whole process of hiring, from prescreening to holding interviews, analysing the personality, and making the final selection.

For What roles are we hiring

  • Transport Scheduler/Planner
  • Transport Manager/ supervisor
  • Logistics Manager
  • Inventory analyst
  • Transport Planning Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Logistics Director
  • Transport Director
  • Managing Director
  • Fleet manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Logistics engineer
  • Freight Agent
  • Logistcs coordinator