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With years of experience in payroll outsourcing Singapore, we offer you extensive payroll services for small, medium, and large businesses. Our dedicated and special team has the desired market knowledge and is committed to providing excellent and high-quality payroll parking services to its clients.

Error-Free Services

When you outsource your payroll services to our team of experts, rest assured that we will plan out everything. From payments to balancing data and reporting taxes, we ensure that there is no room for error in our services.


All your business data and employee details will be kept fully confidential. Our payroll parking services are designed in a way to cater to all the needs of your valued work team.

Regional and Local Payroll

Let us ease the complexities of your business with our exclusive local and regional payroll expertise.

Quick Access

By integrating modern and updated technology into our services, we ensure you get quick access to the most updated business information so that you can make better decisions.

Align Recruitment offers a comprehensive range of payroll services to its clients. Additionally, if you are looking to expand your foreign business into another country, there are several legal requirements that you must fulfil. However, our payroll parking service can assist you in navigating these legal and administrative procedures smoothly. Our team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in managing all the necessary documentation and legalities involved in setting up a company in a foreign country.

Benefits of Payroll Services for Companies.

Are you looking for some reliable payroll services in Singapore? As a well-sought-after payroll parking service provider in Singapore, Align Recruitment is here to the rescue.Partner with us and let us manage every element of your business. From data entry to researching the legislature, tax filing, updating records, and checking numbers, we will manage everything for you.

Here are the top advantages of getting our payroll services.

Timely Management

You might be thinking that you can handle your payroll on your own, but be careful that it is not a cakewalk at all. Being professionals in the field, we will let you manage your payroll like never before. Without compromising on the minutest and slightest details, we make sure that everything is managed well on time. Besides this, our payroll services provider also ensures your company can save adequate time and resources that you can utilize on more important activities.

Business Growth

Whether you have a big business or have just started your company, our team will assist you in handling and managing all your payrolls.

We offer you reliable payroll services that can serve as a core function in helping you push your business towards success. With excellent professionals from the world’s best institutions, we will help you achieve the maximum possible growth and profit in your business.

Managed Payroll Services

The next big benefit of working with us as your payroll vendor in Singapore is that we allow you to manage the payroll services according to your choice. Hiring us does not mean that you will have no control. Our top priority remains to consult the client and make them aware of every step and procedure. Also, our clients get the full liberty of getting the services customised according to their choice. You can detail exactly what you want from our professionals, and rest assured that we will offer you the most efficient, accurate, and compliant payroll services through our platform.


You can save a lot of money by hiring our payroll services. We will offer you access to the world’s best experts who will solve all your queries. Also, you won’t be required to spend anything on payroll software or other equipment.

Our Payroll Services

The following are the payroll services we offer our clients to create an engaging and wonderful experience for them.

Automatic Payroll Processing

In order to ease and simplify the payment process, we make use of modern and updated processing tools. Thus, with our team, you will be able to easily get payroll reports, tax calculations, and tax reports without waiting for days and weeks.

Payroll Deductions

We provide detailed reports having adequate information and details of salaries and deductions. 

Payroll Reporting

Give your employees access to detailed payroll reports having all the information on wages paid, overtime accrued, tax deductions, hours worked, and other essential details.

Business Insights

With our detailed business insight reports, you will be able to improve your working strategies and employee experience, and meet your business challenges.


Our professionals are available to answer all your questions quickly. You can consult our team in case of any complications.