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16 Sep, 2022

Hiring employees is tiring and complicated, and that is where you need to hire a recruitment agency. Having experts by your side gives you the assurance that you are in safe hands.

To be specific, a recruitment agency or tech recruitment agency are those organisations that act as a bridge between the hiring companies and the potential candidates. Identifying top talent, screening, and conducting assessments and interviews will help you fill up the vacant posts in your company in an effortless manner. Hence, you will get a talented lot of the best individuals who will assist you in achieving your business goals and objectives.

Process of a Recruitment Agency

Step 1-Signing an Agreement

To ensure a strong recruitment process, you must search for a reliable recruitment agency to facilitate your journey. It is essential to do ample research before making an agreement, as a poor recruitment strategy or one wrong selection can hinder the entire progress of your company. Once you have decided to work with a particular recruitment team, you will have to sign an agreement with them. It will have all the details of the job description, fee structured, followed by all the rules and regulations.

Step 2 – Profiling

In the next step, the recruitment agency will ask you for a detailed job description of the role that you want to hire. They will talk face-to-face or virtually with you to discuss the hiring news, the responsibilities, qualities, and personality traits that you are seeking in a candidate. Mainly the goal of the recruitment agency is to help the companies by providing them with the best possible candidates that can easily fit and adjust to the wider structure of their business.

So, you need to share your hiring requirements with the hiring agency.

Step 3: Looking for the Best Fit

In the third step, after analysing the vacant positions and devising a proper recruitment strategy, the hiring agency will start its research for experienced and qualified individuals from a pool of candidates. Using their years of experience in the recruitment field, they will source the best-suited candidates for the job from their unique networks and connections.

Step 4-Identifying Potential Candidates

The next big step is recognising the right candidates for the job. After receiving billions of applications, it requires a great deal of effort to choose the best ones and take them to the next step. The recruitment firms have experts who are proficient in picking out the best candidates using their deep insights into the latest market trends. They analyse all the applications they receive, compare them with each other, and then narrow down their selection.

Step 5-Telephone Screening

After the applications have been reviewed and analysed, the recruitment experts pick 10 to 20 candidates for the telephone screening. This step is very influential as it gives an idea of whether the candidates will be able to meet all the needs and which candidates will be perfect for the required job. It gives consultants an opportunity to identify candidates whose values match with those of the business too.

Step 6-Final Interview

One of the most complex phases in the recruitment process is the interview stage. After completing all the previous steps, the recruitment agency will be able to screen out the top 2% of individuals for the final interviews. It allows both the employer and the candidate to get to know each other. Both parties are invited after scheduling the interview. Different types of interviews can be arranged depending upon the requirements, for instance, one-on-one interviews, telephone interviews, video interviews, or panel discussions.

The process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, employers run different background checks and reference checks and assess the personalities of the candidates. This gives them a quick understanding and insight into the applicant’s attitude, behavior, and working capacity. In the second stage, the company usually briefs the candidates on their goals and requirements.

Step 6-Making an Offer

After choosing the right candidate for the job, the next step is making an offer. Before this step, the recruitment agency makes sure that all the reference checks have been done and that the candidate is a perfect fit for the post.

At times, it happens that the selected candidates do not seem happy with their salary or allowances. That is where the agency plays a key role and makes sure to bring the parties to common ground. The recruitment experts will facilitate negotiations so that the best deal can be reached smoothly.

Step 8-Joining the Company

The last step is to join the company. The recruitment agency ensures that all the paperwork is completed on time and that the candidate joins the organisation on time.


When you consult an IT recruitment agency Singapore, you will see that it follows a systematic procedure for hiring candidates that starts with searching for the best talent and ends with signing an agreement between both parties. This is why it is always beneficial to trust a professional recruitment agency to help you through the hiring process.